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Navigating the California Property Insurance Crisis: Understanding the Challenges and Looking Ahead

November 15, 2023


In recent times, obtaining property insurance in California has become increasingly challenging. Many of you, our valued customers, have faced rising prices and limited availability. We often get asked about the reasons behind these issues and the potential timeline for market improvement. This blog aims to address these concerns, delve into the root causes of the crisis, and discuss the ongoing efforts to resolve it.

The Root of the Crisis

Historically, property insurance in California was affordable, thanks to predictable annual losses. However, this stability was disrupted in 2016 with the onset of catastrophic wildfires. Since then, insurers have paid out tens of billions of dollars in losses due to these wildfires. The emergence of these fires can be attributed to several factors:

  • Extreme Drought: Creating conditions conducive to severe fire damage.
  • Forest Mismanagement: Decades of neglect have resulted in an accumulation of combustibles, fueling fires.
  • Utility Company Negligence: Inadequate maintenance of high-voltage power lines has led to liabilities.
  • Increased Development in High-Risk Areas: The growth in population and building in Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) areas, where fire hazard severity is highest, has exacerbated the situation.

These factors individually are significant, but together, they have created an environment where even a small spark can lead to devastating mega fires, causing not only massive insured losses but also tragic loss of life and livelihoods.

Insurers' Dilemma

At the same time, insurers are grappling with record-high claims and regulatory challenges. They face difficulties in securing adequate rates and obtaining timely decisions on rate changes from state regulators. This gap between the risks and the rates has forced insurance companies to:

  • Refuse new policy writings.
  • Not renew existing policies.
  • Terminate agency appointments.
  • Withdraw from the residential property insurance business altogether.

The Rise of the California FAIR Plan

These actions have led to an unprecedented reliance on the California FAIR Plan, originally a "market of last resort" established in the 1960s. Today, it's almost the only option for property coverage in wildfire-prone areas, but its limitations often leave property owners underinsured. A catastrophic loss within the FAIR Plan could result in massive assessments on insurance companies to cover claims.

Governmental Responses

Governor Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency over this crisis, and Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara is implementing a “Sustainable Insurance Strategy.” This strategy includes:

  1. Rewarding insurers for writing new policies in WUI areas.
  2. Expediting future rate decisions.
  3. Enhancing the FAIR Plan's capacity for catastrophic claims.
  4. Encouraging homeowners to reduce wildfire risks.

However, these measures require time-consuming regulatory processes, suggesting that significant changes may not materialize until 2025.

Our Commitment

We are closely monitoring all developments through our professional trade association and lobbying for quick resolutions. Our goal is to continually provide excellent customer service and information. For those with standard coverage, it’s crucial to maintain your premium payments and compliance to avoid non-renewal.


Thank you for allowing us to serve your insurance needs. Despite facing the most severe availability crisis to date, we remain hopeful for a future with a healthy and competitive insurance marketplace. For any questions or concerns about your coverage or options, please feel free to contact us.

Stay informed, stay prepared, and together, let's navigate through these challenging times towards a brighter future.

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