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Mineral IntelligenceTM

As your nonprofit grows or expands into new states, Mineral Intelligence™ will send proactive alerts to let you know exactly what steps you need to take to stay compliant—wherever you are.

Core Courses

Boost your team’s skills and engagement with online employee training courses. Choose from over 125 courses, including compliance, human resources, customer service, professional development, and more.

Workplace Safety

Reduce potential hazards and liability while creating a safer workplace for your employees. Course work includes everything from personal protective equipment and ladder safety to hazardous materials, transportation, and more.

Smart Employee Handbook

Easily create a federal and single-state compliant handbook available for immediate download. Should regulations change, applicable policies in the handbook will be automatically updated to keep you compliant.

Workplace Harassment Prevention

Build a strong, inclusive culture with this complete catalog of awareness training. Each e-learning course includes interactive state-mandated topics to ensure compliance as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion training.

HR Experts

Get connected with certified HR experts who have made it their mission to stay current on the employment laws and regulations that impact your nonprofit. With an average of 18+ years of experience, Mineral HR, and legal, experts are happy to listen and ready to help you manage all your workplace challenges.

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CalNonprofits Insurance Services offers Mineral subscriptions to all our clients and members of the California Association of Nonprofits (CalNonprofits) for FREE. See how it works now!

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Nonprofits, Served

Our nonprofit clients enjoyed over $850K worth of services with Mineral™ in 2021 alone!
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Advisory Services

Create a high-performing organization in record-time. Access a best-in-class library chock-full of templates, forms, and checklists that ensure your company is compliant. You’ll love the up-to-date, accurate, and user friendly tools

*More features available at an additional cost to users.

Simplify things with

HR Compliance Tools

Resolve employee issues promptly and accurately. Certified advisors are standing by to answer questions, provide guidance, and follow-up with research to advise on sensitive issues like safety, attendance, and overtime.

*More features available at an additional cost to users.

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Training Solutions

Ensure your workforce is productive and safe. Easily deploy a training program tailored to your unique needs. Access an extensive library of courses in English and Spanish on topics including vendor negotiations, project management, and leadership.

*More features available at an additional cost to users.

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