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Nonprofit Owned. Nonprofit Serving.

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As a subsidiary of the California Association of Nonprofits (CalNonprofits),
our mission is to provide innovative, solution-focused insurance products and personalized customer service and education tailored to the specific needs of nonprofits.

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Founded in 1984, CalNonprofits Insurance Services was formed during a time when insurance options for nonprofits were shrinking. We’ve developed, and are known for, a broad range of services reflecting our expertise in both the insurance and nonprofit sectors, our superior customer service, and our development of exclusive insurance products, including a highly successful dental and vision trust.

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HR and Compliance, made simple.

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Mineral is your one-stop solution to all things HR and Compliance. The best part? Our clients receive a free subscription!

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CNIS Stats

We fill a unique position in the insurance industry. For 40 years, we've served the nonprofits of California. As a nonprofit-specific brokerage, we provide a service like no other.

Covered Nonprofits

And the list keeps growing! Every year, more nonprofits trust us to protect their mission and enjoy a level of care that only we can provide.


Tired of having a different contact for every policy? Let us do the hard work for you.

Lives Insured

When you put your nonprofit in our care, it's not just the name, it's the people that make it work. We make sure they're protected.


We'll search high and low to find the perfect coverages for your organization. With our vast network, you're sure to have everything you need.

What do our clients think??


Learn about the experience you can expect from partnering with CNIS!

Healing Hearts Restoring Hope

"I have found it extremely helpful working with CNIS! I have been very impressed with the time the agents have spent with me and the services I've received! We are a new non-profit, and CNIS has made my job much easier!"

Los Angeles, CA
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Special Kids Connect

“The level of customer service is incredible and I am so appreciative. Compared to other groups, we are tiny, I know. But they have really made us feel like we are an important client.”

Monterey, CA
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Island Conservation

“We’re able to offer our staff a complete suite of employment benefits and the CalNonprofits agents find creative solutions to the most daunting insurance requests. As a growing international nonprofit our insurance needs are endlessly changing. The agents at CalNonprofits helps us to keep pace with these changes and avoid the risk of being underinsured and the expense of being over insured.”

Santa Cruz, CA
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Parents Anonymous

“The professionalism and responsiveness are superb at CalNonprofits Insurance. For a busy President and CEO, I need to feel I can get quick, concise and important answers to today’s challenges in obtaining and affordable health, dental and vision benefits for the employees of the organization which I can attest to with CalNonprofits Insurance.”

Claremont, CA
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The Center to Promote HealthCare Access (Alluma)

“It’s a successful partnership because they are very responsive, very patient and they truly partner with me to help me understand the whole benefits industry a little better, but at the same time are immensely supportive. With CalNonprofits Insurance as an extended part of my benefits team, I am able to focus on other areas to better support our employees.”

Oakland, CA
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Center for Powerful Public Schools

“CalNonprofits Insurance Services has been an integral part of our growth as a non-profit organization as they have helped us build a competitive benefits package for our employees, which had never been done before given the size of our organization, our limited bandwidth and budget.”

Los Angeles, CA
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Here are some of the most common questions we receive, but we are more than happy to answer as many as you would like to ask. Hit the button below to get in contact!

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Why should I choose CalNonprofits Insurance Services?

We are unique in the insurance marketplace because we are nonprofit owned. We are here to serve the needs of nonprofits. It's all we do.

Will I save money on my insurance?

Our staff has deep experience and knowledge about nonprofits and they are here to help you navigate the insurance process by providing you with a free insurance analysis. We could save you money by finding comparable (and often better) coverages at lower rates using our thorough knowledge of the insurance market. Our job is to help you make the best purchasing decision tailored to your unique situation. We do not charge broker fees (unless you request a fee in lieu of commission) and many profit-driven brokers add 10% or more to your bill.

Will I get access to exclusive benefits or programs?

Big time. CalNonprofits Insurance carries out an array of exclusive insurance programs designed to meet the needs of California nonprofits; we even provide you with a complimentary membership to the Mineral HR Compliance platform! By leveraging the buying power of hundreds of nonprofits in California, we often can offer plans that offer greater benefits and special provisions at lower rates. Our exclusive programs include offerings for Employee Benefits, Property & Casualty, and Workers’ Compensation coverages. These CalNonprofits Insurance-only exclusives are in addition to the many other options available through us.

Will I get the same quality service and attention I get from a local broker?

Absolutely, and more! In fact, you’ll receive more valuable service and personal attention than you get from most local brokers. Excellent service is our mission and we take pride in delivering the most up-to-date information, accurate assessments, and prompt responses. We treat every client the way most brokers treat only their largest customers. Combine our service with the range of superior products we offer and you’ll understand why more than 95% of our clients renew their policies with us year after year! Our customer service team members are located all over the state so we are likely local to you!

So, what makes CalNonprofits Insurance different from other brokers and insurance providers?

Unlike other insurance agencies/brokerages, we are nonprofit owned. CalNonprofits Insurance Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the California Association of Nonprofits (CalNonprofits). This relationship demands that we put your needs first, above generating profits. In fact, the revenue generated through CNIS supports the work of CalNonprofits, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit association whose mission is to work to bring the full power of California’s nonprofits to strengthening communities.
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