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Online/On Demand Insurance Programs

If you're hosting or attending an event and need coverage now, you're in the right place.
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What Coverages Are Available?

Through CoverSmart, we can offer General Liability, Medical Payments, and Liquor Liability for your event. Using the online portal, you can even get your quote in less than 15 minutes!

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CoverSmart is an online platform owned by USLI, that allows you to get a quote, bind coverage, submit payment and receive your policy, usually in one visit. You can even get a Certificate of Insurance to satisfy contract requirements. We are excited to announce that, through our partnership with this A++ rated carrier, we can cover your one-time special events easily, safely, and faster than you ever thought possible!

You might be asking

What's Covered?

Finding the right coverage for event hosts or vendors is easy through the CoverSmart online portal. General Liability, Medical Payments, and Liquor Liability are all available. Get your quote now!

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General Liability

General liability is made up of three main coverages that help to protect you in case of an accident. Bodily Injury - If someone injures themself, you can face a lawsuit or be held responsible for the resulting medical expenses. Property Damage - If you cause damage to someone's property, you can be held responsible for its replacement. Personal Injury - If you are speaking with someone else in your industry about a client in a false or unflattering way, the client may find out and sue you for slander.

Medical Payments

Medical payments coverage helps pay for medical and funeral expenses after an accident. It's an optional form of insurance also known as medical payments coverage or MedPay. Coverage applies no matter who's at fault.

Liquor Liability

If someone is drinking at your event and injures someone else while driving home, you could be held liable. The over-service of an attendee or consumption of alcohol by someone under the legal age can lead to a lawsuit. Liquor Liability can offer protection from a lawsuit against you and cover the legal costs associated with the proceedings.

How Does It Work?

You can get instant quotes from CoverSmart in 4 quick steps.

Step 1. Choose Your Event Type

Select which event type best suits your needs based on the coverages required.


Step 2. Select Coverage Type

If applicable, you may need to choose from one of two options based on your role at the event. Example: Are you a Host or a Vendor?


Step 3. Fill Out The Form

Usually takes 10 minutes or less. Add the details of your event so that the proper coverages can be added.


Step 4. Get A Quote!

That's it! Really!

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Just a few

Eligible Events

Want to know if your event can be covered? Take a look at some of the common examples we see!


Bread and butter of the nonprofit world.

Sporting Events

Tournaments, Competitions, Races, Marathons, etc.

Bingo/Casino Nights

Gambling for good still comes with its own set of risks.

Cat/Dog Shows

Even the best trained Fido or Felix can wreak havoc.


Don't let that big-ticket item be your downfall.

Holiday Events

Hey, White Elephant parties can get pretty crazy.

Political Events

Campaigning for your cause is crucial. Make sure you're protected while you do.


Organizing a presence at a show can be chaotic. Let's keep it safe.

And More!

Didn't find the event you were looking for? Dont fret! Chances are it's still on the guest list.

Protect your event today!
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