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Insurance Carrier COVID-19 Resources

March 1, 2022

Insurance Carrier COVID-19 Resources

This curated list of Insurance Carrier COVID-19 Resources provides an easy way to access important information for your group insurance policies. These pages are updated on a regular basis, and it is a best practice to check them often in order to stay informed on the latest news for employees and administrators.

Carrier Links

Employee Benefits


Anthem Blue Cross

Blue Shield

California Choice

Chinese Community Health Plan (CCHP)

CCHP Member Service Update

Health Net

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser COVID-19 Video Series

Kaiser Calm Flyer

Oscar Health

Sharp Health Plan

United Health Care

Western Health Advantage

Western Health Advantage Telehealth Partner Providers

Exclusive Programs

Nonprofit Benefits Trust:

Landmark Acupuncture & Chiropractic Plans


Property & Casualty

AmTrust North America –AM Trust Financial


Great American Insurance Group

Nonprofits Insurance Alliance

State Compensation Insurance Fund

Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company

Republic IndemnityCompany

USLI & Devon Park Specialty

Unemployment Services Trust (UST)

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