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A Salute to Excellence: Celebrating the 2023 California Nonprofits of the Year

June 30, 2023

CalNonprofits Insurance Services is thrilled to share some extraordinary news! Several of our esteemed clients have been honored at the2023 California Nonprofit of the Year awards. These awards bring attention and recognition to outstanding nonprofits, collectively illustrate the remarkable diversity and vibrancy of California's nonprofit community and give legislators a way to highlight some types of nonprofits that are often overlooked. This prestigious recognition is bestowed upon organizations that have demonstrated exceptional dedication, innovation, and impact in their respective fields.


The California Association of Nonprofits (CalNonprofits) works tirelessly year-round to advocate for all California nonprofits. As a direct result, this year’s awards had the highest participation yet since the program began in 2016. A total of 114 state legislators have each selected a Nonprofit of the Year for their respective districts. The nonprofits selected for this honor reflect the diversity of the state their work benefits.


We are overjoyed to congratulate the following CNIS clients on their honors:


The Afghan Coalition has shown tireless efforts in empowering the Afghan community in California. Advocating, educating, and fostering connections - their commitment to their mission is palpable and admirable.


Another beacon of cultural preservation and education, the African American Cultural Center of Long Beach, has been recognized for its vital work. Bringing cultural richness and diversity to the forefront of community life in Long Beach, they have been a cornerstone of cultural celebration.


Los Amigos de Guadalupe is yet another organization that has proved its mettle with a dedicated service in uplifting their communities. Their compassionate approach to building a resilient, thriving community has won them well-deserved applause.


Making strides in the realm of violence prevention is the Positive Results Center, steadfastly dedicated to ending the cycle of violence and abuse among youth. Their work is transformative, lifesaving, and undeniably critical in our society.


Quality education for all is not just a phrase for the Downey Foundation for Educational Opportunities. Their unwavering dedication to educational equity and enriching the lives of students has rightfully earned them this honor.


Creativity, expression, and youth development come together beautifully at Venice Arts. Their efforts to cultivate creativity among marginalized youth and help them find their voice through the arts are extraordinary and essential.


The Big Sur Health Center has shown an unparalleled commitment to delivering comprehensive healthcare to the Big Sur community. Their contributions to community health have been monumental and recognized rightly so.


Championing environmental and economic justice, the Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy stands as a key player in the fight for social, economic, and environmental justice for working-class and immigrant communities in California’s Central Coast.


In the domain of economic prosperity and social justice, El Pajaro Community Development has made groundbreaking strides. Their support for low-income, rural entrepreneurs is simply inspiring.


The Health Education Council has been acknowledged for their stellar work in advocating for healthier, safer, and more prosperous communities. The determination they show in addressing these disparities is remarkable.


Mental health finds a strong advocate in the National Alliance on Mental Illness Sonoma County. Their steadfast commitment to mental health education and support is commendable and essential.


The Sanctuary of Hope provides a caring and multi-cultural approach to services that will help young adults become self-sufficient and lead prosperous lives.


And last but not least, Trans Family Support Services, whose groundbreaking work saves lives by shaping a gender affirming and accepting community for all.


Here at CalNonprofits Insurance Services, we are deeply proud and honored to serve organizations like these. We remain steadfast in our efforts to offer quality, affordable, and comprehensive insurance solutions so that these nonprofits can continue their incredible work without worry.


Each one of these shining stars in the California Nonprofit sector showcases commitment, resilience, and the capacity to bring positive change to our society. Their success is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and the profound impact they make on their communities every single day.


Join us as we raise a toast to their future filled with continued excellence! The world is a better place because of nonprofits like these, and we look forward to supporting their missions in the years to come. Congratulations once again to each one of our esteemed clients, the 2023 California Nonprofits of the Year!

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